Ford Capri Brooklands

Ford Capri Brooklands Having previously written about the Frozen White Focus RS we purchased from Bristol. We mentioned in that feature we were on our way to view a Capri in Wales following the Focus RS viewing. The car in question is an original 20616 mile Capri Brooklands with original paintwork and matching numbers. We arrived in Wales and the Capri is sitting on the owners drive. We introduce ourselves and are left to commence our inspection of the car. The car owner is a recognised expert of the Capri Brooklands and very knowledgeable about the model. The Capri’s condition is commensurate with the low mileage. The body paintwork is all original with a few minor stone chips on the front. The interior is unmarked and the engine bay is very clean. The Capri is as described by the owner. Following the inspection of the car we then take the Brooklands for a test drive with the owner at the wheel. The car is lacking power but the owner assures us it is just the fuel injection sticking. We then spend some time reviewing all of the documentation including the service records and MOT’s. The mileage is verified by the comprehensive car documentation. We then agree on a price to buy the Capri subject to the injectors being stripped and cleaned. A week later we return to Wales with our trailer to collect the Capri.  We check the car over and take her for a run. She now pulls really well, there is no sign of the fuel injection problem we had experience on our first visit. We are now very happy with the performance of the car and we transfer the agreed funds to the owner. It’s heavily raining when we load the car onto the trailer and head home. As we cross the bridge into England the skies clear the rain stops and the sun begins to shine. Another great day out collecting great classics and another great day for meeting fellow classic car enthusiasts. Now time for a beer to celebrate!

1946 Plymouth P15 Special Deluxe Convertible