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Hi, I’m Keith.
Welcome to my collection of classic cars.  My love of cars started when I was a teenager. I was and still am a real petrol head having owned a number of sports cars in my early years.

It’s November 2013 and I was at an auction with my son Harry, who was twelve at the time. We decided to bid on a Dax Cobra in red. Harry put his hand up for our first bid. After several counter bids, Harry placed our final winning bid. We were now the owners of our very first car for the start of our collection.

Initially, I was keen to acquire cars that I owned or loved when I was younger in the 1970’s and 80’s: Capris, Stags, Lotus, Escorts to name a few. So I started to pay more attention to the market and began buying authentic, non-modified, low mileage classics from this era.

I suppose you could say I am obsessive about car collecting. I want to own only the best examples available and that takes time and devotion, scouring many websites and trekking around the country going to car auctions, dealer showrooms and private sellers homes.

I am particularly passionate to collect the Ford Blue Oval Marque and currently have 11 V6 Capri’s in the collection as well as various RS models including currently five late model Focus RS’s.

My collection has now grown considerably in the past four years and I am very keen to purchase more original, low mileage or fully restored cars with documented history.
I am particularly interested in purchasing the following classics:
Ferrari models
Ford Escort RS 2000 & Mexico
Ford Capri 3.0S,2.8i & Brooklands
Ford Focus RS MkII
Lotus Esprit
Lotus Elan & Sprint
Talbot Sunbeam Lotus
Triumph Stag
Triumph TR6
Triumph Dolomite Sprint
I will, however, consider purchasing any classic car with low mileage, low ownership and in excellent condition.

If you have a classic sports or performance car that you are thinking of selling, please give me a call or email me with the car details including any recent photographs you may have before you consider selling to a dealer or an auction house.

Enjoy the collection!

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions to improve our newly launched website.

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