Welcome to KW Classics

We are a Classic Car company with a difference.  We are not here to just buy and sell cars, we buy them, we collect them, we keep them and we show them off.  We very rarely sell them but from time to time we may decide to let go of one or two.  We have, so far, built a collection of 25 super sexy, fast and furious, eye-catching Classic Sports and Performance cars mainly from 1970 to present day.  Our collection includes Ford Capris, Ford Focus RS’s, Mustangs, Ferraris, Datsun, Triumph Stags, Talbot Sunbeams, Fiats, Lotus and Cobras, oh and a beautiful Plymouth Convertible.  Most of our cars are authentic, pristine, non-modified and low mileage.

These Cars in their day were “the” cars to own, and we think they still are, as they are on their way to becoming not just classics but iconic classics.


classic car company
classic car company

Our passion is fuelled by a pure love of cars, driving and speed, something which has stuck with us since we were young.  It’s like that boyhood dream has never gone away.  The one where you looked on in envy when a super cool high-performance car went by in the street, (in fact you heard it before you saw it!).  It would turn heads and you wished you owned it and wished you were driving it.  Well, we turned that dream into a reality.

We have met some great people and made some very good contacts in the industry over the years.  We are extremely proud of our growing collection and how it has come about.  It has been hard work, we have had to chase around the country for some of the cars and we are still a way off where we want to be. Our journey continues.

We are looking for low mileage, low ownership classic cars as listed on our "about" page, to add to our collection. if you are thinking of selling please contact us